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Northwestern University, also known as NU is a private research university founded in 1851 and has campuses in Chicago and Evanston in Illinois. The university provides education to 8,400 undergraduates and around 11,000 post graduates.

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5 Successful “Why Northwestern” Essay Intros | AdmitSee Northwestern ‘19. What appeals most to me about Northwestern is that it houses some of the world’s top scholars and innovators in Evanston who are accessible and willing to work with undergraduates on research projects.

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Apply: Undergraduate Admissions - Northwestern University Apply Now Determine your application type, and find the information you need. Explore our resources as you plan for college and compile your Northwestern.

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Your Application: Undergraduate Admissions - Northwestern. TIP: Essays are an opportunity – they are one of the few sections of your application that you can manage right now, rather than being dependent on your past performance. Essay writing is an excellent opportunity for personal expression and original thought.

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Northwestern Application Essay Sample. Cover Letter For. Please, keep in application that the writing sample is generated automatically, so this may be a college page as essay. Part of the Northwestern.

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Top 2 Northwestern Admissions Essays - Study Notes Top 2 Successful Northwestern Essays. These college essays are from students who got accepted at Northwestern University. Use them to get inspiration for.

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How to Write the Northwestern University Essay 2017-2018 Other parts of your application give us a sense for how you might contribute to Northwestern. But we also want to consider how Northwestern will contribute to your interests and goals. In 300 words or less, help us understand what aspects of Northwestern appeal most to you, and how you’ll make use of specific resources and opportunities here.

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Northwestern University Undergraduate College Application. College Application Essays accepted by Northwestern University A Battle for Insight Shannon Maene Northwestern University 'Kai houtos manthano.'* To most, they are meaningless words, incomprehensible and bizarre. But to me, their meaning is legion: secrecy, silence, concealment. They are Greek, and they mean subversive.

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